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You’ve spent years and a lot of money mastering your chosen field (you’ve got the debt to prove it.)  You’ve created a family in the midst of working and learning. You’re climbing the career ladder except if feels more like a hamster wheel and it spins faster every day.  
Trying to find balance in the 21st century can be overwhelming: moms are burning out in ever increasing numbers.  Our planet is showing signs of stress that are getting too noticeable to ignore.  
It can be almost impossible to figure out where to start to declutter our lives and get back to a simpler, whole way of life that lets us find peace and stay connected to our families, the earth, and ourselves, without disconnecting from the world or destroying it.  
Together we can make small changes that build into bigger ones so you can create the life you know you should be living.


If you are ready to take that next step towards finding your sanity again let’s connect:  Email me at Sarah@UrbanEarthMom.com today to schedule a 15-minute call.

I’m going to be honest: I hate housework. I’d rather be doing anything else than cleaning and tidying the house.  Any way I can find to minimize the time and effort I put into domestic stuff I’ll do as long as it fits me and my family. 

I love helping women get to the same place so they can move on up AND improve your relationship with your partner, your kids, AND yourself. 
If you need someone to pull you out of the weeds. 

Someone who understands the never-ending exhaustion that can lead you to calling quits on your career.  

Someone who tells you what you NEED to hear not feel-good platitudes that get you nowhere. 

Let’s master motherhood administration the way you’re mastering your career, and let’s create a whole different playing field for our children so they don’t have to have the same struggle. 

What you’ll find here:
In my blog you’ll find lots of information on how I got off and stay off the hamster wheel of insanity.  You’ll find even more on my Facebook page: daily home hacks and inspiration to keep you moving forward and adjust your mindset and actions from the one who has to do everything to the CEO who keeps everything running smoothly.