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Simplicity is a gift

How do you get started in decluttering your life and get to a simpler, whole way of life? A life that lets you find peace and stay connected to your family, the earth, and yourself, without disconnecting from the world.

Is chaos is the word you think of when asked to describe your home life? Even when the rest of the word thinks you are doing so well, climbing your career ladder while taking care of a family and fitting in all the volunteering you do.  

Are you tired of 'holding it all together' because if you don't keep a tight hold on it all everything will fall apart?

Even if you feel that chaos is all there's ever going to be you can totally create a calmer, simpler life where you drive the bus instead of feeling like you're being run over by it.

This was me, even though I had quadrupled my income in under ten years

  • my career had stalled
  • my house felt like it was always a mess
  • dinner was a nightly stress-fest: what do I cook? was it healthy? would my kids eat it?
  • parenting felt like one drama after another

Together we can make big changes and small ones to give you the life you know you should be living

In my blog you’ll find lots of home hacks and inspiration to keep you moving forward and adjust your mindset and actions from the one who has to do everything to the working mom who keeps everything running smoothly while staying connected to her work, her family and her passions. There is even more great stuff over on my Facebook page.


Hi! I'm Sarah. 

I eat lots of veggies, I buy local, I love farmers markets and putting dinner on the table and packing lunches is a snap most days. My house is usually clean and if not, I can be company ready in 20 minutes! And my career is finally unstuck again.

For a very long time, my life was nothing like that. I grew up in a chaotic home and went on to have, shall we say...chaotic relationships and lived a nightmare life. I had never known a peaceful life but I knew I wanted one. But for a long time every time I tried to create peace it scared me so I went back to the drama.  I finally had my 'stop the world I want to get off' moment in the early 2000s and since then I have worked hard to cut the clutter, the drama, and the chaos and make peace with peace and order.  

Now I love helping other modern working moms do the same. If you need someone to pull you out of the weeds. Someone who understands the never-ending exhaustion that can lead you to feel like you’re going to explode.  Someone who tells you what you NEED to hear not feel-good platitudes that get you nowhere. Someone who knows how chaotic your brain feels because she's been there. You have some stories to tell and you want someone who won't judge because she's got her own similar stories.

Let’s master intentional life the way you mastered your career, and create a whole different playing field for our children so they don’t have to have the same struggle.


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