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Eliminating chaos in all its forms for working women, entrepreneurs, and small business

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I help women over 40 make money and ditch stress at the same time

You’re working to make a difference in the world. You are mom, wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, pet-parent, worker, volunteer, mentor, grandma, business woman…

Trying to balance all your roles doesn’t work. There are too many pieces and they don’t all fit together because you are trying to live your 21st century life by 20th century rules, and maybe a few 19th century ones!

You’re also the first out the door in a layoff and then take much longer to find a new job than younger women. You have a boatload of experience and just want a reasonably compensated opportunity to serve people.

There are plenty of people teaching you how to get organized, set goals, get ahead, achieve work-life balance, get a better job...

But would you rather wade through all the fluff you don’t have the time or patience for or cut straight to the things you can do now to transform your life?

How do I know it will work?

Because I’m a mom with a full-time job, kids, cats, a garden, freelance project manager… oh and did I mention building a business and I still have time and energy to scratch-cook dinner most nights.

I’m not superwoman,

I’ve implemented everything I teach, so it’s fast and easy to ditch the stress even if you fail at writing a grocery list every week or scramble to find something to wear daily.

Ditch the insanity and make people wonder where you suddenly got the money to hire a house full of staff (because how else would you suddenly have everything under control?)


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Hi! I’m SaraH

Project Manager, Planning Strategist and Simplicity Coach.

I have the mind of a Lego™ master builder when it comes to figuring out all the parts of a process or project that are necessary without the usual busy work and time fillers.
After 30 years of eliminating chaos in every job I have held, I have strategies that can spur you into action while making the process smooth, easy and fun.