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Do you dream of living a tiny life?


Stop dreaming and start living your dream now (without moving)

Photo by Owen Wassell on UnSplash

Even if you are trying to balance a posse of children, pets, parents or extended family, a business, saving the planet AND a fast-moving career.


How do you get started in decluttering your life and get back to a simpler, whole way of life? A life that lets you find peace and stay connected to your family, the earth, and yourself, without disconnecting from the world. You need time and money to do that right?

It doesn’t take a ton of money to build the tiny life you want. In fact, the idea of tiny living is to free you from the financial burden of paying for a big house and the physical and mental burden of caring for it and all the stuff in it. 

Tiny sizing your life isn’t just about living in a much smaller space, it’s about downsizing your stress and declaring to yourself as much as anyone else that you’re tired of living at breakneck speed with as much stuff as you can cram into your home and life

Together we can make big changes and small ones to give you the life you know you should be living

In my blog you’ll find lots of home hacks and inspiration to keep you moving forward and adjust your mindset and actions from the one who has to do everything to the Urban Earth Mom who keeps everything running smoothly while staying connected to her work, her family and her passions. There is even more great stuff over on my Facebook page.


Hi! I'm Sarah. 

I’m an Urban Earth Mom. I eat lots of veggies, I buy local, I love farmers markets, but I also love my smart phone and all the conveniences of modern life. 

I’m going to be honest though: I hate housework. I’d rather be doing anything else than cleaning and tidying the house. Any way I can find to minimize the time and effort I put into domestic stuff I’ll do as long as it fits me and my family and frees up time to spend connecting with my family or the world around us.

I love helping other modern moms do the same. If you need someone to pull you out of the weeds. Someone who understands the never-ending exhaustion that can lead you to feel like you’re going to explode.  Someone who tells you what you NEED to hear not feel-good platitudes that get you nowhere. 

Let’s master intentional motherhood the way you mastered your career, and let’s create a whole different playing field for our children so they don’t have to have the same struggle..


If you are ready to take that next step towards finding your sanity again let’s connect:  Email me at Sarah@UrbanEarthMom.com today to schedule a 15-minute call.

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