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Eliminating chaos in all its forms for working women, entrepreneurs, and small business

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Working In the Corporate World?

You’re climbing that career ladder, being a friend by actually texting people back and having a social life, drinking enough water, exercising and eating healthy and paying off your college loans, oh and you have three young kids to nurture, guide and stop them from falling into, off, or out of things every two minutes. At least you’re TRYING to do all that.

It’s no wonder you’re stressed-to-the-max by everything you are supposed to balance. If you can even call doing #allthethings #allthetime balanced.

I teach driven family-and-career focused women how to make dinner simple and easy, run their homes like a pro, learn to use any planner to slay some goals and much more.  


Working For Yourself?

I’m a 20+ year project manager who eliminates chaos on huge regulatory projects that are already underway.  It’s like jumping on to a moving train. What can I say, I have project thrill issues. 

What can I do for entrepreneurs and small businesses? 

Teach you to run streamlined projects, create the project for you or your team to run, or come in and run it for you saving you time, money and headaches.

Or maybe you’ve done it all and you need someone to kick the tires and make sure it all works. I can run the quality assurance checks on your project.

If you are looking for someone to cut through the noise and eliminate the chaos to save you time and sanity then call me.


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Hi! I’m SaraH

Project Manager, Planning Strategist and Simplicity Coach.

I have the mind of a Lego™ master builder when it comes to figuring out all the parts of a process or project that are necessary without the usual busy work and time fillers.
After 30 years of eliminating chaos in every job I have held, I have strategies that can spur you into action while making the process smooth, easy and fun.