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365 Home Hacks

365 Home Hacks eBook for $7

buy enough time and energy to begin creating your intentional life for just $7!

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You have an instant pot you don’t have time to use.  

You have a week’s worth of tasks to fit into every day and, like Groundhog Day, no matter how much you get done your To Do list refills Every. Single. Morning.

You know it’s possible to get it together. You know women who have.  They look like swans gliding serenely through their simple, unstressed lives while you feel like a duck landing on ice: spinning in circles, feathers flying all over the place!

You need their secrets!  I have their secrets – 365 of them all in one small book.  365 ways to buy time and start your transformation from flustered duckling to serene swan

For the amazing price of $7 (that’s less than 2 cents per hack!) 


Using even a few of these tricks will buy you enough time and energy to spend 30 minutes a day enjoying the peace.  Using more of them will give you more time and energy than you’ve had since you became a mom!  All for less than the cost of a couple of lattes!

365 Simple Ways To Buy Time contains time-saving tricks for all areas of life, both work and home: running and maintaining the home, productivity, organizing, food, kids, pets and holidays.  Most take a very small tweak to eliminate stress and overwhelm. 


Hi, I'm Sarah

I’m a Tiny Living Consultant who helps families find the perfect balance between Manhattan and Mayberry: yurt, yacht or bungalow.  

I love helping families create more intentional lives to give them peace and bring them together more. Downsizing your footprint is a big part of that. 

Over the last 10+ years I have downsized to a home that is half the size of my old one, got rid of three quarters of my stuff and made the house practically run itself so that I spend no more than an hour or two a week on grocery shopping, cleaning and tidying the house and paying bills. All as a single mom, living 3000 miles away from family and working full time.

Radical downsizing is totally something I feel every family can do to live a calmer, more fulfilled, greener life without spending a fortune or moving into a shoebox.