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About Me

About Me


You're here because

…You love your career and it really lights you up but you don’t have the energy to give career AND family what it deserves or demands.

…You’re doing stretch projects at work or building a new business, participating in school and sporting events with the kids, trying to feed your family healthy, nutritious food that they love, staying connected to your friends…the list goes on and on!

…It feels like you have at least three full-time jobs (because you do!)

…Your kids have begun to tell you in their oh-so-not subtle way, as far as they are concerned you are not making the grade.

…You know you need to get organized but you weren’t born organized and you don’t have the time to figure it all out.

…you constantly have six shades of ISH hitting the fan at once pebble-dashing your life

… you need someone who will tell you what you NEED to hear not what you WANT to. 

… You need super nanny to come sort YOU out not the kids!  

…You’re ready to focus on moving yourself forward
I love seeing moms realize that “work – life balance” wasn’t what they were seeking at all. You want to feel in control of work, life and home. But being in control doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. I help you get your sanity back and jump into the driver’s seat by figuring out what to ditch and how to deal with the rest. Then you’ll have the time and energy to create the life you want: to set goals and achieve them faster than you ever did before.  

With over 20 years’ experience as a problem solver in the corporate world, I can help you get strategic with your time and energy and make things happen with a lot less effort.

During my time in the corporate world I passed up promotion opportunities and twice ducked out completely to take care of home because I felt I couldn’t do both. Even though I was the go-to person at work for getting things organized and running smoothly, it felt there still wasn’t enough of me to go around.

I was a working single mom with an 8-year-old and a 1-year-old. Even though I was a chaos slayer at work things were crazy at home. The house was never tidy, I only really thought about what was for dinner when the kids started complaining of being hungry and I ran to the grocery store several times a week.

I knew things had to change and it took some mashing together of corporate lion taming and my grandmother’s homemaking skills but I finally figured out how to run my home with a lot less effort. Because I’ll be honest: I hate housework. There are so many other things I’d rather be doing. My goal has always been to minimize the effort at home to achieve the results I desired.

Let me help you stop drifting along in chaos and create the life you dream of. I focus on corporate moms stepping onto the executive track, business owners ready to grow, and single moms.  If you are ready to take action and need a cross between super nanny and boot camp to get you moving let’s talk!



Hi! I'm Sarah

I help overwhelmed moms take control so they can live and enjoy their lives, not just survive from one mom-moment to the next. I want to show every working mom how to stop treating herself like an unpaid intern! Promote yourself to become CEO of your home by become mom-in-charge instead of mom who does everything herself and gets no enjoyment or recognition for all her sacrifice!


My background is 20 years in project management and strategic planning in the corporate world working for big finance companies where I sorted out the disarray and put routines and information hubs in place to make getting things done faster and easier with less under-the-breath muttering from everyone.

 I’m a mom to two girls: 21 and 13 and two one-year-old cats!  Most of the time I have been a mom I’ve also been single and living 3000 miles away from family.  I’ve done a lot of just surviving and paying the bills!  But I grew tired of that and decided the only person who could promote me at home was me so I stopped waiting for permission to grow and hired myself as CEO of my life.  Now I help other moms promote themselves too.