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About Me

About Me


Hi! I'm Sarah

I am a project/process/change manager and corporate rebel whose job for the last 20+ years has been to find and implement a better way.

After being laid off a couple of times I realized a better way for me personally would be to create more security by not relying 100% on one job. Over the last 20 years, I’ve done network marketing, part-time jobs, and freelancing. Now I’m adding a business to the mix. I help driven people who want to build a successful business while working the day job find a better way to simplify and automate everything.

It's totally possible to do both at the same time for a while. I’m not superwoman, I’ve just found a few better ways! Technology and global connectivity have changed the possibilities for creating income and simplifying life in ways we could never have dreamed twenty years ago.

In 12 weeks, you can totally revolutionize your life ditching the stress and clutter (both mental and physical) freeing up time to make money AND spend time with your family.

We will create the roadmap for your stress-free life in work, business and home and then, through self-study modules and weekly coaching/accountability calls you will finally step off the struggle bus and take control of everything.