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Loose projects sink your productivity


Do you get that sinking feeling when it’s time to identify and plan out all the tasks in your next project? You’re not alone; when you start a project the number of tasks can be overwhelming. One of the big reasons that projects stall or fail is because important activities are inadvertently left out.

Last week I wrote about how to discover all the tasks for a project by writing a story of your journey though doing it from both your perspective and that of anyone else affected by it either as a service provider or customer.

If you missed it the Video of last week can be found here         The blog post is here

This week we will take those stories and begin to extract the list of things needed to make the project happen.  At this stage you are planning outcomes or results (deliverables), not actions.  The actions or 'to do's' will come next!

Your story is your walk through of the goal you are trying to achieve from the perspective of all participants (each participant gets a story).  As you read through the story you can begin to pull out all the pieces that need to be in place to make the story happen and then drill down into the details some more so you have manageable pieces from which you will create he task list.

Work Example: if you are planning a class you need the topic and content, students, a platform to deliver the class, a way for the prospective students to pay, a way for them to get questions answered, etc.

Home Example: if you want to have a baby you need to get pregnant, somewhere to have the baby, clothes, diapering method/supplies, feeding method supplies, care during the time you want to work… 

Using this technique, you can break down your project into manageable sections and even get some idea of how much the whole thing is going to cost and how long it will take to accomplish. It also ensures that you capture ALL of the things needed to complete the project and you don’t get halfway through and end up scrambling to get a big piece done or scrap the whole thing because you didn’t realize how much effort it was going to take!

 Some ways to get all the deliverables outlined are:

Write each deliverable on a sticky note and stick them on the wall so you can rearrange them into sections that make sense.

Create a Trello board and create a card for each deliverable.  You can drag the cards between lists as you begin to create all the details of the project.


If you want to know more check out the template I created for running a mini class here: https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/287535?v=6

If you would like me to help you create the plan for your latest big effort I am offering project audits for the rest of the year.  Beginning this week, they are at s steal of a price ($47) but will be going up after Thanksgiving.  Message me for more info or sign up here: https://www.urbanearthmom.com/productivityaudit


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