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Using stories to get things done

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If you prefer to watch on video you’ll find that here: Using stories to get unstuck


I’ve always used story books to help my children figure out their feelings about things.  Back when I worked for a mortgage company one thing we sent in the initial package to a new customer who had applied for a mortgage to purchase a home was The Berenstain Bears “Moving Day” if we found out they had young children.  Stories help us understand things. 

But how do stories help in getting things done in your business, job or even home? You’re an adult now not a kid. 

Telling stories is a technique often used very effectively in big companies when running technology projects.  The technique was given a name by Swedish software engineer Ivar Jacobson in the 80s. I’m not going to say he invented it because I’m pretty sure people have been telling stories to help define their strategy since we lived in caves.  Hello cave paintings!! 

Question is how do we use the technique to help make progress with big efforts at home or work?  A good example to use is creating classes.  Coursework is a great, affordable way to impart your knowledge to as many people as possible without working round the clock consulting.  But there are many moving parts to even the simplest of classes so how do we discover all that we need to do?

When you are thinking of creating a class walk through all the things you need to do from your own perspective, from the perspective of a potential student and a student that actually signs up for the class.

Write it all down.  Step by step: what are the things you think of?  Topic…platform….  What are the things a potential student is going to think about: where are they going to find out about your class?  (that will give you social media and marketing deliverables and tasks…)

Also at home.  When you are thinking about selling your home step through it: you have a beautiful home and the realtor has lots of buyers that they keep coming to look at the house (what do you need to do to make the house beautiful? How are you going to find a realtor, what do you need to do to be ready to show…..)

Once you have written your stories you can pull out all the deliverables and tasks that will be needed to get done what you want to do.

If you want to know more check out the template I created for running a mini class here: https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/287535?v=6

If you would like me to help you create the story for your latest big effort I am offering project audits for the rest of the year.  Beginning this week, they are at s steal of a price ($47) but will be going up after Thanksgiving.  Message me for more info or sign up here: https://www.urbanearthmom.com/productivityaudit

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