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Who is an Urban Earth Mom?

I began my business back in 2016 with a vision of helping moms ditch the stress of modern life and enable us to spend more quality time with family.  It’s been an amazing journey since then, during which I have spent some time playing with the Become CEO of Your Home brand.  But I feel like I have outgrown the CEO or maybe I’ve grown into Urban Earth Mom!  Either way, I will be changing the name of my Facebook page and my Instagram account back to it’s original name this week. I already changed the name of the website back!

I would love to know what Urban Earth Mom means to you.  Here is what it means to me…

To me it is finding my perfect place between the high-tech, fast-paced modern world and the slower, old-fashioned life we remember through the rose-tinted lens of our childhood memories. Acknowledging, accepting, and even embracing the reality that your perfect balancing point between Manhattan and Mayberry may be different than mine, but we can still be friends and learn from each other, have fun with each other and just hang out. 

An Urban Earth Mom is a mom who lives in the ‘burbs or in the city, or a small town or the country.  Maybe she dreams of living on a farm but loves being close to town and all its amenities and distractions.

She works, maybe in an office, maybe from home, climbing every upwards in her career but feeling the pull to spend more time with family.  Maybe running around after six kids is work enough.

Thinks of fuel efficiency and safety when buying a car but wants it big enough (not too big) to accommodate her life along with all the people and stuff in it.

Wants more peace just not more stuff because more stuff means more time organizing and stressing over the stuff instead of enjoying life.  But stresses over getting rid of the stuff too.  Wants to enjoy life and help others to enjoy it too.

Thinks healthy living is the best medicine. But thinks healthy living shouldn’t mean having to give up good food, good wine and chocolate!

Loves a good laugh and thinks it is as effective as meditation to elevate your mood for the whole day. Laughing in her yoga class is the best of both worlds. 

She has a beautiful, productive vegetable garden, or grows tomatoes on a corner of her city windowsill, or has brown thumbs and shops at the farmers market so she can still enjoy home-grown veg, just not from her own home.

She feels the pull to save the planet but dreads the thought of going ‘unplugged’.  There’s no way she’d ever give up her smart phone and wifi.

My hope is to build a community of Urban Earth Moms (and Dads) who support and empower each other to a greener, slower more peaceful, more connected life where we come to find and share resources for living life to its fullest while keeping us all grounded and stress-free (well as stress free as life can get as a modern parent).

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