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Are You Holding The Sun Hostage?

You're doing all the things that the law of attraction books and teachers tell you to do but your energy level isn't where you want and need it to be. In fact you’re feeling stuck like the whole house is in a slump with low energy. And as Dr. Seuss says “unslumping yourself is not easily done”.  Except it’s a lot easier than he realized.


Look around you. Are your pantry, fridge, and freezer stuffed with food? But what does that have to do with the flow of energy and raising your level?


I've always loved plants because they take elements from the water, soil, and air and combine them with pure energy from the sun to make food and build themselves up. From the smallest forget-me-not to the biggest Sequoia they all simply take these basic ingredients to harness energy from the sun.


When we eat food we are eating energy from the sun either directly from plants or indirectly from animals that ate plants.  We stockpile this energy in our homes in the pantry, the fridge, the freezer and, when the food stores are overflowing that beautiful sun energy just slumps in our homes and stops.  More energy can't flow in and out because we're holding sun energy hostage in the kitchen!


Back in the pioneer days, before refrigeration and 24/7 food availability we needed to put away food for the long winter months just like the squirrels who industriously hide acorns and walnuts all over the place behind my house at this time of year. We are no longer, for the most part, like squirrels: we don't need to stockpile food for the winter.  If you grow all or most of your own food (like I dream of doing) then you WILL stockpile food for the winter. But there is a plan for that food and by spring those stores will all be used up. 


Most of us have grocery stores that are open 24/7 or close to it.  Although we do need to have enough food to get us through the occasional storm or hurricane when the stores may be closed for a few days.  We have lost the need to create winter food stores but still feed the need to accumulate without ever making a plan to eat everything up because the flow of food into our food stores never stops. This keeps all that lovely energy stuck, stalled out in our homes and just like when the center of a hurricane stalls over our neighborhood keeps us in the mess of wind and rain, keeping all this food for which we have no plan in our kitchens keeps our energy level low because we are holding it hostage.


If we want the energy in our homes to flow again we have to release what we have stockpiled (by eating it and using its energy for good) and make a plan to keep the energy flowing in and flowing out without stopping for long. 

 I started that last week when I cleaned the pantry after reading the 100 Thing Challenge. I found a number of food items in the pantry that were just hanging out there after I made the recipe I bought them for but didn't like it enough to cook it again.  There were things in my pantry sitting and waiting for a purpose but I hadn’t given them one. So I now have a plan to use them up and reduce the number of things, and therefore the amount of energy sitting in my pantry.  I will continue releasing that energy along it’s pathway this week by assessing what is in the fridge and freezer and making a plan to eat it up.


Here is my fast and easy solution for unslumping the energy in the kitchen:

You can do these steps all at once or one step per day depending on how much time you have available.

  •  Go through pantry, fridge, freezer one at a time and rearrange everything so like things are together. This lets you see how much of each item you have.

  •  Throw out expired, damage, bad food. Compost what can be composted to keep the energy within the food circulating in the world.  Food sent to the landfill is energy being taken out of circulation.

  •  Inventory what is left and separate out the things that have been hanging out for a long time because you don't use them or need them.

  •  Make a plan to use those lingerers up.


Now you will be left with a core set of foods you regularly use and can use up before bringing more in.  Later on this year I will be writing about how to know what food to have around to make life easier.  For now here is a blog I wrote on creating a capsule pantry to ensure you have good food to eat at all times


 Bonus: my pantry checklist in the library

 I put my pantry checklist in the free resource library. There is an example that shows the list I use plus a blank one for you to fill out with the things you use most.

PS. If you have more food than your family can eat within a month or two reduce the amount by eating things up or donating things that a food pantry can use.


Keep that energy flowing!

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