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Save Time, Money, and Energy getting dressed in the morning

This week the blog comes to you in the form of a podcast.

Every week this month I am filling in for a friend on her Sick Mom's Guide podcast while she takes some time to heal.

This week I talked about how to finally banish the laundry mountain without backing a dumpster up to the house and tossing it all in!

Here is my strategy in a nutshell. Click the link below to listen to it.

Podcast Episode


Use your favorite method or mine:

  • Sort everything into categories: Tops, bottoms, sweaters, dresses and hang back up in the closet

  • Each day or week pick out a category and sort through getting rid of things you know you'll never wear again

  • Once you've gone through all categories then pull out outfits. Bonus points if each piece can make more than one outfit

  • Get rid of anything you can't make an outfit with


  • Stop training your kids not to help. Letting them off the hook the first time they mess up guarantees that they will mess up every time because they know you won't ask again.

  • Only put away the clothes that you wear. Have the other people in your home put away their own clothes. Even toddlers can help you put their clothes away.

  • Spouse won't help? Try trading household duties; they can do dishes and you do laundry for example. If they aren't helping around the house, check out the book, "Drop the Ball," by Tiffany Dufu.


  • Shop with purpose

  • Make outings to places that aren't going to try and sell you a bunch of stuff you don't need

  • Sarah's other tips:

  • You can't unwaste money by holding on to something you never use.

  • You can sell the clothes you don't wear to recoup some of the cost, or donate them and get a tax write off

  • No one needs 50 pairs of socks unless they only do laundry every 7 weeks

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