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Transition To: Tiny Small Appliances

If your kitchen is anything like mine it breeds small appliances.  I’m talking toasters, blenders, food processors, slow cookers etc.  I like to think I run a pretty tight ship but, as you will see if you watch my 5-minute live from Sunday, I some how have managed to amass quite the stash!  When you have a cluttered kitchen with everything hidden in cabinets it is easy to forget what you already have.  Or to become dissatisfied with something you are using, go buy a better solution and forget to get rid of the old one….you know…just in case…

But how often does ‘just in case’ happen.  And seriously how many toast emergencies do you think will arise that makes keeping three toasters a good idea? 

The first step in right-sizing the number of small appliances you have is to gather them all together and get rid of any that never get used.  Those things that you pull out of the cabinets and go ‘wow, do we STILL have that?’ yeah, buh-bye.  If it never gets used it isn’t needed!

If you are working with a tiny or small kitchen then you’ll want to keep as much as possible off the counters.  Only keep things used daily on the counter top.  The rest should be kept in a shelf or on a cabinet.  My dream kitchen would have one of those big soft-opening draws under the cooktop that I covet when I go look at Ikea kitchens! That’s where I would keep the appliances so it could contain all the little bits and bobs that come with them.  Put seldom used appliances in the back of the cabinet with often used ones at the front where they will be easy to access and use.

One way to reduce appliance overload is to look for multi-purpose appliances to reduce clutter.  I have a slow cooker and rice cooker and I will be ditching both of them and buying a multi-cooker because it will fulfill the function of both PLUS an instant pot.  Perfect timing because the rice cooker is not doing so well and tends to burn the rice while not plumping it and the slow cooker is not a good size for my situation now. It was one of those seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time purchases that didn’t pan out.

Now that my small appliance stash has been trimmed a little it all fits in one cabinet nicely!

small appliances.jpg
Sarah Moore