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Transition To Tiny Part Two - Clothes

Living in a smaller space means less closet space, usually way less closet space so that more clothes have to be folded and stored in dressers or under-bed draws. Unless you live year-round in a nudist colony you need SOME clothes and you need enough to get you from one wash day to the next.  

But how many times have you stood in front of a closet absolutely stuffed full of clothes and struggled to find something to wear? 

The most common causes of that are:

  • Having too many choices so you end up unable to make a decision> often too many choices is worse than not enough.

  • Having a lot of clothes you feel ‘meh’ about in your closet that hide the ones you love.

So I’m not going to expect you to throw out all your clothes! The aim is to keep only things you wear that are in good condition (with the exception of a couple of painting/yardwork outfits).

Getting rid of the clutter in your closet will make it easier to get dressed in the morning which makes the morning flow so much more smoothly and lets you get up and on with your day that much calmer. 

Look at the 333 project for inspiration if you feel the need to have a minimalist wardrobe or you’re not sure what to keep in your wardrobe.  

The basic process for decluttering your closet is to go category by category: shorts, pants, skirts…Pull everything in the category out at once and then create three piles:

  • Yes = you love it, it fits, it’s in good condition. If you love it, wear it!

  • No = it doesn’t fit and won’t ever fit. You hate it, it’s worn out or damaged in some way.

  • Maybe = it fits (or it will soon) and it is in good condition but you are not sure you love it.

The maybe pile is useful if you get through the sorting process and there is nothing in the yes pile. Ya gotta wear something right now!  If this happens to you then keep at least some of the maybe pile while you make a plan to buy things that you love.  

Sometimes you get through the decluttering tops, for example, and you remember you have a couple of bottoms you love that coordinate perfectly with a top you are not sure about and suddenly it turns from a maybe into a yes.

If you get to the end of your closet decluttering and find there is nothing in your yes pile because you love NOTHING in your closet you have a choice to either
Throw everything out and go shopping with a style consultant
Understand that sometimes just realizing this is a huge step forward but you can’t afford to replace your whole closet right now so keep the pieces that are in good condition and fit and that you don’t totally hate and make a plan to improve your closet as you can.  

When I first started my declutter journey I realized that I bought cute clothes for my kids but never for me because I felt unworthy of buying nice stuff for myself.  It’s been a journey and I’m finally able to go shopping for things that I love and that look good without feeling guilty but when I first started the decluttering there was nothing in the yes pile!

The other thing that can hold us back when decluttering is the amount of money we paid for an item that seemed like a good idea at the time.  There is a big amount of guilt when I get rid of something I paid good money for but it just doesn’t fit or feel the way I thought it would.  In those cases, I do save the pieces up in a box take them to a consignment shop if I can’t return them. These days there are online consignments that you can send your clothes to if you don’t have one in the area or you can’t be bothered to track one down.

Once you’ve gone through your whole closet and are ready to put everything away again how do you store things?  To hang or fold. It really is your choice. It depends on your preference and the configuration of your storage space.  

I personally prefer to hang all my tops and bottoms next to each other so I can see what I have to work with that day. It also helps when I realize I need to add something to my wardrobe because I can instantly see what I need to coordinate with.  Right now, the way my space is organized doesn’t permit hanging of many things so tops and bottoms are folded in the same draw allowing me to still see them all side by side.  

Things that I place in draws either get folded or rolled so they stand vertically and I can see at a glance what is there.  You can add draw dividers or re-purpose shoe boxes to keep things organized and standing up.  I just love being able to open a draw and see everything I have to choose from instead of only the top piece in a pile.

What is your biggest struggle with your closet?

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