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What Does September Mean To You?

Now the weather is cooler the tomato harvest is all but done. OK so I only had two plants in a five-gallon bucket (and a bucket of cayenne plants which turned out not to be hot at all!) but it still counts. It has been glorious to step out of the back door and grab a handful of cherry tomatoes from the deck.  You totally don't need a big garden to be able to grow food for yourself or have hours and hours to spare. For me having homegrown food is one of the basics even if it is literally just two five-gallon buckets on the back step. 

The fall planting is done: a big pot of spinach, a pot of lettuce and a planter of peas that will scramble up the same chicken wire-covered frame that the tomatoes did.  Luckily the spinach and lettuce can be brought inside later on in the season if it gets too cold at night so I might just have fresh greens well into the winter unless my cats decide they make a good snack on the nights I bring the plants inside! I do have an old chicken coop extension that is basically a wood frame with wire mesh cover so I may bring that out to protect the plants from the savage wildlife that lives inside my house!  They may be cute and cuddly cats but they wage war on my plants. 

I love this time of transition though. It is still warm but I can switch off the AC and open the windows on some days.  I always like to have at least a month between switching from heat to cold or cold to heat as part of my effort to live a greener, semi-crunchy life.  

It is in this time of transition from summer into fall that we are both speeding up and slowing down. Labor Day combined with a contracting day job provided me with a five day weekend which was a nice opportunity to slow down. But it was immediately followed by back to school.  In this house, it’s the beginning of high school for my youngest so there is a new routine and a lot of unknowns accompanied by the usual flurry of papers to sign. 

At the farm I get my weekly box from the harvest of colorful vegetables is slowing down and turning back to the greens we saw in spring.  

Schedules are speeding up with back to school with all the events and appointments that this brings.  The car gets pressed back into service as mom's taxi ferrying groups of teenagers around. But at the same time, the urge to go to the shore or the mountains or anywhere fun slows down a bit so the car and house need less de-sanding and there are fewer piles of pool toys to step over. 

It's almost soup season once again but as the CSA box brought another big bag of tomatoes this week I will make it a summery soup: cream of roasted tomato with cayenne. Except the cayenne will be bought from the farmers market as mine totally failed in the hotness stakes. 

This is the time I start turning my thoughts to how I will pass the time in winter.   I seem to alternate knitting and sewing each year. Last year I didn't do much making so this year I am declaring a knitting year and I plan to make this sweater: the velvet acorn sweater and a very chunky blanket using arm knitting.  Arm knitting is fun, doesn't involve any equipment except the two arms I carry around with me all the time anyway.

For today though I will enjoy the peace of the beginning of the school year to get some writing done!

What does September mean to you?

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