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The Insanity Of 365 No Repeats

Whoever came up with this different dinner every night of your life insanity?

That’s not the way most of us grew up and it just adds to the stress of modern motherhood which is already stressed to the max. So let's take some of the madness away by getting back to the simpler way things were when we grew up.

Here’s what I remember from my high school years

Saturday: Haggis bashed neeps and tatties. (mashed rutabaga and mashed potatoes)

Sunday fry up for breakfast because every other day of the week was cereal or toast

Lunch was a roast chicken, roast potatoes (mom always snuck in some parsnips onto the roasting pan) and a vegetable or two. If it was a special day, cauliflower cheese might be added (it’s like mac & cheese but replace the mac with cauliflower) There would be plenty leftover for dinner, mom made sure of that so she wouldn't have to cook again)

Monday was chicken curry made from the Sunday roast leftovers

The rest of the week was either a piece of meat, chicken breast or whatever cut was on sale weekend with potatoes or rice and vegetables or one of the following dishes

Pasta Primavera

Peppers or vegetable marrow stuffed with rice and ground meat

A concoction my mother called "party bread" which was made as follows

line the lasagna dish with sliced bread including up the sides

Fill the middle with lasagna meat sauce made drier by using tomato paste instead of tinned tomatoes

Sprinkle the top with shredded cheese

whack it in the oven 350 for 20 and enjoy

Cauliflower cheese

Stovies. Which is mashed potato, sauteed onion, and some cooked ground meat all mixed together and served with a side of vedge.

That’s pretty much it and that was fine no feelings of deprivation here because of the lack of variety

In my own home I try to keep the menu just a simple. We have a meal plan we follow but it's the same plan week in week out until we get bored with it.

You are not failing motherhood if your kids can recite your family menu plan from heart. They thrive unpredictability and so do adults. Plus it’s a whole lot fewer decisions you have to make and puts you on the path overcoming decision fatigue.

It’s totally OK to eat a restricted range of dishes and I only have something different on a special occasion or when you feel like cooking or eating on the weekend. So stop trying to live up to an unrealistic vision of motherhood that is driving you insane. After all, most kids would be happy with the same thing for lunch all week, the same thing for dinner for weeks on end and the same thing for breakfast. It's us moms that try to live up to an image that drives us crazy.

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