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Pots, Pans, and Spatulas

We spent most of March looking at how you use the big and small appliances and looked at how intentional your pantry is. If you missed those blogs you can find them here:

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Now let's look at everything that is left in the kitchen and next week we will finish up by looking at the kitchen structure and layout itself and decide how many butts you need in your ideal kitchen.

Just as with everything else that we have gone through in the last month, you want to look at how and what you usually cook so you end up only keeping what you truly need and enjoy using.

What pans, spatulas, etc., do you use 90% of the time.  Is there anything you cannot remember using within the last year?  These items are often easy to tell, especially if they are left out on shelves because they will be greasy and dusty from sitting there unused.  If you didn't use it, chances are you don't need it. 

Pots and pans are usually pretty easy to downsize because we often buy them in a set but there is always a piece or two that never ever get used.  It is OK to get rid of them. You may feel tentative about splitting up the set and I see a lot of people hesitant to do this  but, honestly, the value in buying the set was it was a lot cheaper to buy than if you bought the pieces separately.  Often it is still cheaper to buy a 10 piece set even if you don't plan on using a couple of the pieces.  These brand new pieces can be gifted to students!!  There IS a reason not to break up a set of something that has a higher resale value as a whole set like a nativity set or fine china place settings but who ever sells their set of pots and pans at a premium because it's the whole set?  

But how to figure out what you need to keep?  Back at the beginning of the kitchen downsizing you made a list of the most popular recipes you cook for the family.  Thinking about those, and even the most popular holiday dishes, you should quickly see what pots and pans you use, especially if you are in the minimizing mindset when you think about what you need.  Come at it from the perspective of what can you make work without stressing yourself out rather than trying to justify keeping things.  Spatulas, spoons and other implements are a little harder to figure out but usually you don't need more than a couple of each implement.  

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