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Chaos To Calm And In Control

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Put your life on a diet and find the simple hiding inside

A personalized 12-week program for women who are tired of living in chaos!

You’re not just tired or overwhelmed, you’re approaching a total burned out meltdown.

You live in a storm that never seems to pass: it’s just one drama after another. Chaos is constant.

You would love to shed the chaos like you’re taking off a costume that no longer fits.  Just drop that nightmare on the floor and walk into a peace-filled life.

Just like when you lose weight you don’t become someone else, you find the slim you inside the weight you were carrying around, so too in finding peace; the simple life is hiding inside the chaos that has grown up around you.

Let’s work together to shed the weight of clutter in your home, your mind, and your life, find the simple, fulfilling life that is hiding inside and keep the weight of chaos gone forever!  

Sarah is the perfect combination of caring friend and call-to-clarity coach. She has the innate ability to seek out patterns of structure in the midst of our chaotic lives and help us create a plan to fulfil our top priorities for both home and business.
— Kathy K
I want to shout out to Sarah Moore, my business accountability buddy. She’s killing #allthethings with her decluttering services and inspired me to get my physical space ready for this new season in my life.
— Vern L

This is a personalized 12-week program for women who are ready to create a balanced life forever!  It’s a combination of 1:1 coaching with online courses to give you wrap-around support so you can find the simple life you crave.

What you get:

  • 12 weekly power hour calls

  • Expert trainings

  • Checklists and cheat sheets

  • e Books


Plus a Facebook group where you can get support and fresh ideas from other women who are ditching the drama, the chaos and the overwhelm to find the peace and balance they have been searching for.

12 weeks of planning, strategy and support to ditch the chaos forever for just $600

OK I know that $600 sounds like a lot of money but you can totally make that back in selling some of the clutter that is filling up your home, plus save on groceries in a few short months and you’ll be on your way to taking complete control of your life in months rather than years which is priceless.

This program is right for you if:

  • You feel like your life is a drama-filled festival of chaos.  

  • You are ready to accept your part in creating and continuing the chaos and learn how to embrace peace

The strategies I will teach you and skills you will learn will serve you both to get control of home AND up-level your career!


Hi I'm Sarah

As a child growing up one of my favorite songs was “Simple Gifts” . It’s a Shaker song from the mid 1800s.  “Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free”. Such powerful words. Now that I am in my 50s and have created a simple life without the struggle and frustration I used to have I see how much of a gift simple is.  I wish I had created simplicity decades ago. BUT there is no time or space for guilt and coulda, shoulda, woulda. There is only space for becoming and doing better as I learn new ways to achieve better and simpler.

I want to help you achieve simplicity, peace and balance so much faster than I did so you can have the freedom and the money to be, do, and have all that you want so much earlier in your life and enjoy the time with a young family instead of being stressed out all the time.  

Creating simple by yourself can take a long time, trust me! You need someone to pull you out of the weeds. Someone who understands the never-ending exhaustion that can lead you to feel like you’re going to explode.  Someone who knows how chaotic your brain feels because she's been there. No judgement just strategies to find peace and balance