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Mama needs a chief of staff!

You have awesome support at work; your team is amazing. You just wish you could have that kind of support at home.

Well now you can!


Getting to 8 figures doesn’t take hustle

You started your dream business and broke free from the 9-5. But that dream is turning into a 6-9 grind and you’re not sure you have the hustle left to get to 8 figures.

You don’t need more hustle, you need a mindset shift and a chief of staff to streamline and run operations so you can get back to the visionary role you were made for. 


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Hi! I’m SaraH

Project Manager, Planning Strategist and Simplicity Coach.

I have the mind of a Lego™ master builder when it comes to figuring out all the parts of a process or project that are necessary without the usual busy work and time fillers.
After 30 years of eliminating chaos in every job I have held, I have strategies that can spur you into action while making the process smooth, easy and fun.