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Hi. I'm Sarah. I'm an INTJ, city-loving, barefoot, techy farm girl. Living proof that you don't need to take sides, you can love both country and city.

I am passionate about helping driven, ambitious people get their homes, lives, and work running like clockwork because I have experienced the amazing difference it made to me and my family when I stepped up and stepped out of the daily grind.

For 20+ years in the corporate world, I have simplified, organized, and put strategy in place. I am a duck wrangler: I find the little quackers, line them up, point them all in the right direction, and then, once they are all waddling along happily I move off to find my next pond in need of help.

My mantra for the whole time has been “there HAS to be a better way”. I’d like to think I found a whole bunch of better ways in 20 years. Many of those better ways can be used at home too so you can shed the busy work and only keep what matters most.

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