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What am I doing wrong?             Why can’t I get started?      Why do I end up getting stuck half way or distracted or switch to something else or use ‘life is busy’ as an excuse to stop?

How do I just get this done?

Do you feel like everyone else rocks getting their big projects done except you?  You are so not alone. And help is a lot easier (and cheaper) to get than you thought.

If you’ve come to a grinding halt with your next big thing, or can’t get started at all then a project audit can get you moving.  I’ll show you how to keep moving too, almost like you’re on auto-pilot. Sorry you still gotta do the work but it will be 1000% easier!

Here’s how it works:

We spend 90 minutes together digging deep into your project: what the goal is and when the deadlines is. Then I pull together your list of tasks: what you have already done towards the goal and what still needs to be done.  And we schedule everything in to the time you have left before launch..   

You project plan will be emailed to you after the call so you can transfer it to your planner.  If you use Trello I can create a list with all the tasks that you can pull into your own board and use as a template in the future.

 This audit brings my 20+ years of experience running projects from practically no budget up to $1million along with five years of admiistrating $10 million+ regulatory projects..