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Radical Downsizing

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THe 4 C's of Radical Downsizing


The 4 C's of radical downsizing: Clutter, Clothes, Cooking & Control

The 4 C's of radical downsizing: Clutter, Clothes, Cooking & Control

You know your family won't fit in the tiny house on wheels but it sure would be nice to have freedom from a crippling mortgage AND a house that stays tidy AND runs itself that you would have if you lived in one. You're not interested in living off-grid in the hills although when your treasured children just wrecked the living room for the third time today off-grid and alone sounds awfully appealing, . 

Heaven would be knowing it will only take them (and not you) ten minutes to clean up again, that dinner will be on the table with no sweat and you won't collapse into bed exhausted from housework but from tiring these cherubs out playing with them?

What if you could ditch the clutter, put dinner on the table without breaking a sweat, and get the house to run itself?

This FREE guide will help you start doing all that in minutes per day and it won’t take you years to see results.  All you have to do is be open to flipping how you run the house on its head. 

Home will never look like a tornado blew through again and you’ll be on your way to getting the house to run itself without hiring a full crew.

Download the guide: the 4C’s of radical downsizing: clutter, clothes, cooking, and control.  These are where most of the stress comes from in the home.  Pick the section you need to work on most and begin to feel the calm kick in. The calm you normally get when the kids have been at Grandma’s for a week.

Begin to radically downsize your stuff and the stuff you have to do so you can live happily in the place you're in or one that's small but not too small


Hi, I'm Sarah

I’m a Tiny Living Consultant who helps families find the perfect balance between Manhattan and Mayberry: yurt, yacht or bungalow.  

I love helping families create more intentional lives to give them peace and bring them together more. Downsizing your footprint is a big part of that. 

Over the last 10 years I have downsized to a home that is half the size of my old one, got rid of three quarters of my stuff and made the house practically run itself so that I spend no more than an hour or two a week on grocery shopping, cleaning and tidying the house and paying bills. All as a single mom, living 3000 miles away from family and working full time.

Radical downsizing is totally something I feel every family can do to live a calmer, more fulfilled, greener life without spending a fortune or moving into a shoebox.