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I have a ton of free and low cost resources to help you start on your journey to tiny.


I watch the tiny shows and even signed up for tiny house listings.  Then I realized that the homes I saw being built on the shows were turning up for sale mere months after they were showcased on TV.  Transitioning to a tiny lifestyle isn’t just a matter of getting rid of crap you don’t need.  It’s a whole different way of living, a way of living you can actually live right now where you are at or in a slightly smaller conventional house.  

There are 4 C’s instrumental to living a tiny life: clutter, clothes, cooking and control

Adopt the tiny lifestyle in stages because radically downsizing in one weekend usually results failure just like crash dieting doesn’t help you lose weight. Start where you are and then go small, and, in 300 years when all these kids finally leave home and take their stuff with them you can buy the tiny home. You’ll save money, your sanity and do more to save this wonderful planet NOW instead of waiting to live your dream.
How do you get there when all the shows are about building a tiny home and none of them show you how to make the transition to tiny or live in one?

Below are some of my free and low-cost resources to get you started.  
Whether you stay in the current home or move to a smaller/tiny one, to live a tiny life you’ll want to downsize your stuff.  The benefit, if you are staying put is to create a lot more space both in the home and in your head because cluttered homes clutter your mind!