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You’re making things move in your business but so far you’ve been doing it all yourself.  You know that to grow you need to leverage your time. One of the best ways to do that is determine what you NEED to do and what you can outsource and then find someone who can complete the tasks far faster than you can.

 Large companies have large consulting companies to call when they need to restructure for growth. But if your company is in the $2-$5 million bracket you can't afford to call in a consultant that is going to cost you $100K for a month's work. That doesn't mean you can't afford to call anyone.

Where are you struggling?

Strategic planning. You have a vision and it's helped you get to $2MM+ but you're stuck getting any further. You need a fresh set of eyes that has walked through the strategic planning process many times and can work with you to create a plan you can execute against and see daily progress. Driving into the night with no destination in mind burns a lot of gas and gas is expensive.

Process improvement. When was the last time you took a vacation and didn’t worry that things were going to fall through the cracks leaving you with a lot of unhappy customers when you got back? After a couple of years in business you have a lot of processes that need to run smoothly to keep your customers happy and coming back. The problem is no one person knows all the steps and there is no clear communication around hand offs along the way. Or maybe that one person is you hence the lack of vacation time!

If you want to build your team effectively your critical processes need to be discovered, documented and optimized. Then you can create videos that walk new staff members through the processes and build your operating library. This means you’ll actually be able to step away from the business without fear of it collapsing.

Communications strategy. How many hours a day do you lose because you don't have the information you need? That plan you created that details your vision of the future and how to get there is one piece of information that often gets overlooked. As are all the best ways of doing things that you've discovered along the way along with key customer details. Getting your whole team on the same page all the time will save thousands and prevent a whole lot of gray hair.

Data Management. So. Much. Data. Data piles up and goes stale. Data can tell you things. Be nice to your data and also share it with your team. You don't need to be a big company to worry about data in fact the only way to become a big company is to worry about data and use it to guide decisions.

For over 20 years in the corporate world I have helped departments and projects restructure and optimize for growth. I've been the person to call when you know you need an integrator but you feel unready and unsure of what you would hand over or how to hand it over. Even if you already have VAs and freelancers or an in-house team it can be overwhelming to manage all of that AND keep the business running smoothly.


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Sarah does a great job in compiling executive updates and presentations for the project. Such a fantastic job that there were no questions from the Project Reviewers or follow-up activity needed! It doesn’t get any better than that.
— TB
Sarah has a diverse range of talents in the project management space and takes on a wide range of activities in support of the project. Whether it is working with the Business or Technology I can count on her to get the job done. Thank You!
— MC
Sarah is not confined by her title or role and will step in to take on unplanned roles such as test management and recruiting to keep the project moving forward.
— JT
Sarah has great flexibility and willingness to jump in and lend a hand or take ownership when she sees a need. Most recently you proactively reached out to several business lines who were struggling with a testing deliverable. You not only helped them through the process but you actually went above and beyond to draft their artifacts so that we stay on track. Your willingness to take on work that can be ambiguous at times is invaluable to a successful project.
— KB