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Work With Me

Work With Me


Let's get you out of the Weeds

As a working mom trying to move up the career jungle gym (because let’s face it, it hasn’t been a straight-up ladder for a long time), every day can feel like a battle just to keep your head above water. You have so many balls in the air both at home and at work, you’re not even sure what you are juggling any more.

All you want is for the crazy to go away without having to work longer hours just to pay someone else to clean, cook or tidy for you.

Forget planning out your life. You don’t have the energy or brain space to plan out today let alone the next year!

You need to cut the chaos and feel like a real person again but how? Who has time to figure anything out beyond the next meal?

For 20+ years in the corporate world I organized events, projects, information, content, people… I was a duck wrangler: I lined them duckies up, pointed them all in the right direction, and then, once they were all waddling along happily I moved off to find my next pond in need of help.

My mantra for the whole time has been “there HAS to be a better way”. I’d like to think I found a whole bunch of better ways in 20 years.

Ten years ago, I wanted to shout “stop the world I want to get off!” because things were swimming along at work but they were going all over at home.  I realized I needed a whole new way of thinking at home: I needed to get strategic NOT organized. Getting organized just led me nowhere with slightly less stuff on the floor. 
I’m not going to tell you how to get organized.
I am your chief strategy officer.
After working with me you will amaze yourself with your ability to raise your level of thinking and shed a ton of stress.
My mission: to help you transform into one of THOSE women who can have a successful career AND run a tight ship at home without going all “Bad Mom” on anyone.